Origin of Jam in the Valley

Jam in the Valley started as a simple 4th of July fireworks show for the entertainment of our campers at Buffalo Hill Village. Every 4th of July, a “backyard style” fireworks show was put on, much to the delight of maybe a couple of hundred people.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Buffalo Hill Village owner, Sonny Attea would add a little more excitement to his show each year. Patriotic music, light shows, fountains, waterfall displays, pyrotechnic animations, firework waterfalls, giant rock waterfalls and of course, our staple Statue of Liberty were all added throughout the years. As time went on, the “couple of hundred” original spectators more than doubled in size.

Concerns for public safety, or a stray firework accidentally setting the surrounding woods on fire prompted Sonny Attea to ask one of the local volunteer fire departments to bring a fire tanker to the first show… just in case!

Fortunately, we never had to put out any fires; but something happened that day that led to the birth of Jam in the Valley… We passed a hat!

Believe it or not, that was the original fundraising effort and it came on a whim. After the campers from Buffalo Hill Village gave so generously, an idea was born! Why not give our guests a bigger show, with better fireworks, at a reasonable price and raise money for our local volunteer fire departments and other charitable organizations.

That’s when Sonny Attea decided it was time to take a chance… and Jam in the Valley was born! First, crowds of 2,500… then 5,000! Bigger and better fireworks shows! Then… 6,000 to 8,000 spectators. Fireworks shows that became fireworks experiences! Now… three days of concerts, sellout crowds of 10,000. Thousands of Jam in the Valley campers…. Legendary country artists… and Sonny Attea’s personal promise to give you the very best 4th of July country concert and fireworks event at a reasonable price.

So come join us this year and start a new 4th of July weekend tradition with us! Isn’t it about time that you experience what it’s like to Jam in the Valley?